GAP (Global Art Project) @ SF International Arts Festival
Premiere Mammoth Dada Quilt for ” DADA HERE AND NOW” 
The 100th Anniversary of the DADA Arts Movement is marked by a celebration organized by Hanna  Regev, McKinley Arts Solutions and Carl Heyward titled “Dada Here and Now” at the San Francisco Arts Festival exhibiting the works of Global Art Project, an international collaborative mixed-media collective consisting of 26 member artists from nine countries rallying under the banner of inclusiveness and multi-culturalism; responding to the challenges of art practice and exposure in an image savvy yet process-oblivious culture.
The Dada Arts Movement was a response to the threat of global annihilation and the conditions that led to WWI. Their activity, though short-lived, continues to have lasting impact in contemporary art and establishing the ground to usher in more familiar movements from Modernism, Surrealism, Conceptual art; collage and experimentation with common materials, though it’s mocking ironic stance at the time was as of an anti-art, anti-establishment sensibility.
GAP’s Akiko Suzuki, an award winning fiber artist and teacher (Osaka, Japan) is a founding member of the group. She has produced a mixed-media quilt derived from thousands of “frags” and scraps from the membership, beginning in Osaka and completing the work in San Francisco specifically for the festival over a six month period.
The work, THE MYSTERY OF LOVE, ANGER and DELUSION -SOAP BUBBLES (173x960cm or  3.5x 32ft,1,500 sq yards of fabric,1,200 working hours, more than 1 million yards of thread)  invokes the spirit of DADA with it’s use of materials not usually associated with art practice; the inclusion of the international GAP membership as well as in the exquisite craftsmanship and execution of her work, beautiful and whimsical all at once; the largest and most ambitious undertaking to date for Ms Suzuki as a quilt maker and the group at large.
Of the quilt, Suzuki remarks:  “…facing emptiness every day, surrendering in suicide,  we are covered by money, desire and gossip, sprinkled in radiation, eating dirty crop pesticides and genetic manipulation, make war, make refugees. Tomorrow, the world is cracking big and would create a new life from the open mouth… completely covering the sky of dark full of defiance and ridicule, whether hope or soap bubbles…”


( written by Maria Allocco performed by Rosalyn Salters ) may be viewed at Cowell Theater spaces as well as Gallery 308 both located at Ft Mason during the course of the SF International Arts Festival during gallery hours with an opening reception Thursday May 26 from 6-9pm.

THE MYSTERY OF LOVE, ANGER and DELUSION -SOAP BUBBLES (173x960cm or 3.5′ x 32′) Akiko Suzuki, Japan-USA GLOBAL ART PROJECT, 2016

Akiko Suzuki, contemporary quilt artist Osaka, Japan, Global Art Project