Leopoldo María Panero’s Archive

OPENING | DEC 17 | 8 pm

Leopoldo María Panero (Madrid, 1948 – Las Palmas, 2014), author of one of the most original and transgressive works of Spanish literature, left in the Panero family home in Madrid on Ibiza Street, 35, 12 folders full of stains and blotches, containing a total of 1,100 documents. This archive, validated by Túa Blesa, professor at the University of Zaragoza and the greatest expert in the poet’s work, includes a book of prose poems entitled No, we are neither Romeo nor Juliet, dating from 1968, part of the “Novísima” poetry; two horror stories translated / perverted by Arthur Machen; 12 single poems, including one dedicated to the case of “Yolanda” (1980) and another to the juvenile delinquent El Jaro; also, 8 essays on drugs, literature and psychoanalysis. In addition to these documents, there are some pages containing only one sentence, in the form of visual poetry, as well as some handwritten letters.

Over the Ruins of Madness is an exhibition in which we present this archive and the video work Merienda de negros by the Navarrase artist Elba Martínez (Spain, 1974), who creates this piece on two trips in 2002 and 2003 to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to the psychiatric hospital where Leopoldo was at that time.